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I really like your style. Wondering how ou felt about doing my squirrel-satyr guy... how your confidence was in doing more of a squirrel/goat deal rather than canine?
btw... I'd still like it to be very much yo ur style, gnashing teeth, demony, etc..
I'd be able to do it ! I'd love to try something new c:
Awesome! Thank you! I like the character how he is, but I love your style and think he might look good with some of your flair added. I do have one other commission being worked on with him as a Baphomet style demon that I'm looking forward to as well. New/different stuff can be lots of fun. :)
Definitely! He seems lovely to draw, I think I could definitely pull it off and add a new look maybe, something more edgy since my art is usually in that style lol. I'll contact you on FA! c:
Note sent c:

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