What is autobid?

Some auctioneers can enable autobid for you. This implies that YCH.Commishes will bid for you depending on your spending limit.

Instead of typing a bid into the bidding field on the auction you can enter an amount you're willing to spend.

Why did it change my bid?

Autobid does not actually change your bid. It will try to bid the lowest amount possible for you to win the auction.

This means that if the current top bid was $25 and you wish to bid $80 it will automatically set your bid to $30 (considering $5 increments).

As the auction progresses Autobid will try to continue optimizing your spending.

Autobid example

Let's say three users wish to bid on the same auction that has a starting bid of $5 and $5 increments

Step Bid received Top bid
#1 User A ($20) User A ($5)
#2 User B ($15) User A ($20)
#3 User C ($30) User C ($30)
#4 User A ($30) User C ($30)