YCH.Commishes FAQ

These are replies to the most common questions we got about the site. Once we get more we will go on and update this.

Who built the site and why?

The site was built by a small team (programmer + artist) who considered that auctioning art was way too inconvenient with the existing options. Also, we believe that people do not only want to buy art from artists they know but discover new people who make great art.

YCH.Commishes treats all the auctions equally, they appear on the homepage until they're finished and archived. This makes the system very useful to discover new art, hunt for a good bargain and to give exposure to artists who are selling their art.

What features are included when you sign up for an account?

The account is only required to create and manage auctions. All the other functions can be used without an account.

How does bidding work?

Submitting a bid is simple, you just need to provide a name or nickname (that will be shown next to your bid) and and email (for the artist to contact you) together with the amount you wish to bid on the auction.

Is an account required to bid on things?

Nope! You just need to enter an email address that the artist may use to contact you.

Where did my finished auction go? What's CRM?

Finished auctions that were won by a registered user will be automatically transferred to CRM, which is our commission management.

If you're confused by how the site works, feel free to check out our Wiki page.

I wanna find a finished auction. Is there an archive?

Yes. Although we don't keep the auctions on the front page to keep everything neat and tidy you can access them via the archive

Do you have to attach a payment service or bank account when you sign up?

No. You just are required to enter your payment details once you wish to withdraw your funds. You will never be required to provide your payment details upfront.

The file upload didn't work. Error 0 when uploading samples.

That error comes from our rather modest hard drive space availability on our servers. So in order to keep hard drive usage down they discard any upload bigger than 2MB. I'm looking forward to the moment we can accept files bigger than that!

I have a star next to my username. Did I do anything wrong?

Not at all. That means that your bidders were very happy with the work they received from you and told us they'd love to buy from you again. Keep up the good work, your buyers appreciate it.

Do you work out payment with the artist on your own if you win the auction?

There's no need to! If you wish, you can use Commishes' Wallet service to help you pay the artist and pay the artist using a deposit (you pay ahead of time, but the artist receives the money upon completion) and are completely protected from scammers.

You do require an account to use Commishes wallet, and currently only Paypal is supported as a payment method

My question is not answered here.

Just go ahead and write to [email protected] with your question and we will make our best to answer it as soon as possible. And if we feel the question may be something other users may profit from we will include it here too.