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YCH Hand Drawn animation "Some rest for the flight."

Hi there! Thank you for participating in the auction! (^o^)
This is just a sketch, finished picture will be more colorful and better. Examples of finished my animation you can find here:

•Starting bid - $50;
•Minimum bid - $10;
•$75 - + background ;
•NSFW version unlocks at $95+;
•Autobuy - $195
•Any pony species (alicorn, pegasus etc.);
•Any gender;
•Attention: You can not choose another character ( ponies only);
•Canon characters allowed;
•I will need your reference picture of your character;

•Winner will get:
- HIGH-RES file ( WebM or mp4 file, HDTV 1920x1080 px, can be more at will.); file has no watermark.
+ gif file;

- Only PayPal. Prepayment of 100% (USD, EUR or PLN);
- Please inform your Paypal e-mail where the Invoice will be sent to.
- Failing to pay the invoice in 24 hours from the request will make this slot available to next entry on the queue.;
- I'll start drawing after payment;

We can communicate here or through discord. My discordtag: Vita#9620

•Devian Art

Thank you for participating in the auction! (^o^)

Thank you for participating in the auction! (^o^)

Samples These are examples of finished art

WildViolet's portfolio

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