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Falling leaves adopt

Autumn themed feline adopt!

(This auction is being advertised on multiple sites if you see a bid from me it's me bidding for someone)

This pretty kitty is made by me, no bases were used!

As shown the ref sheet includes a front and back fullbody view, two headshots (one serves as an open mouth ref) a paw ref that shows the retractable claws,an eye shot and of course a fall themed color pallet!

Sense this feline is obviously a hybrid the buyer can decide what exact breeds of animals makes this creature possible.

Buyer will be emailed the full rez image of the ref sheet and own the rights to this character!

if auto bought the buyer will receive a shaded headshot icon on the character


Payment must be made 24 hours after auction ends

You may not claim to have created or drawn this character/refsheet

Samples These are examples of finished art

JYNXbird's portfolio

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