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YCH - Chubby Moonlight
A chubber cutie, available 5 times

Pretty much fully customisable, can be tweaked to be a human or pony if so desired.

I will sell this 5 times, you can bid on them separately.

Monochrome with one color accent up to 10 USD (Samples: sta.sh/21ba978waeu2 )
Flat Colors up to 20 USD (Samples: sta.sh/21h6jueqa3cv )
Full Cellshading up to 25 USD ( fav.me/dbkxy2f )
Soft Shading past that point ( sta.sh/0hm8g39qzy4 )

I will need you to accept my ToS: sta.sh/0wl9of43co8

Samples These are examples of finished art

Broeckchen's portfolio

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