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- Saluki Adopt -
my page: https://www.deviantart.com/cinnamontoast-owo/gallery

I need to recuperate funds due to rushing this goober: https://sta.sh/01pclnciax7u to the vet due to a rat bait scare ($200 later oof) mercifully he didn't actually eat any. but he's worth it and i'd rather be safe than sorry. so im auctioning off this gal, she's the pure bred older half sister of my saluki x afghan hound x borzoi fursona, Pepper Annalise: https://www.deviantart.com/cinnamontoast-owo/art/Pepper-Annalise-ref-875096367

~ SB: $30
~ AB: $100

- watermark free version.
- the rights to the character.
- you may have me make any changes to the character
- there's also a version without the speckles/spots

AB gets you the full ref with
back view and any extras/edits
including the color pallette.

stretch goals:
- $130 AB reward + icon/headshot
- $150 above rewards + full body (can be nsfw)
- $200 above rewards and a 2 character art (can be nsfw)

Payment via Paypal please, 48hrs after winning bid. payment plans may be discussed for AB and beyond.

ART BY ME, CinnamonToast-OwO

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