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I can change everything for your character.
Woman, femboy and hermaphrodite gender.
Any furry and furry-like species.

Start bid: Full detailed shaides ( Like this art portfolio.commi.../show/90R/ )
If bid higher 40$ : Can make NSFW version
If bid higher 60$ : Can add version with your clothes
If bid higher 100$ : Full detailed background according to your desire.
Autobuy : Fully detailed version without line (Like this art ych.commishes.c...mountains/ and this pabelka-belka.d...-697539352 )

My deviant art - pabelka-belka.deviantart.com/
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Got a quick question. Would an anthro dragoness with wings be doable? Would something like an anthro wolf be better?
Yes, I can change all body under the dragon
Cool, thanks for the reply.

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