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Delicious big boobs Delicious big boobs

--Love to see your OC dressed like this and showing her cute boobs? Participate in this sexy YCH auction and win a drawing of your OC being a sassy bitch like this! PONY / FURRY / HUMAN ANY SPECIE ANY GENDER / FEMALE / FUTA / HERM / FEMBOY SB = $ 30 MB = $ 10 AB= $ 45 The result of this YCH will be Full Color Example: https://art.ngfiles.com/images/1515000/1515267_caliluminos_sexy-loona-fanart.jpg?f1606049930 I CAN CHANGE HAIRSTYLES COLORS AND SOME DETAILS OF YOUR PREFERENCE ^^ ** Note: If you go AutoBuy, your drawing will be top priority! After winning the auction I will send you a Paypal invoice. If you choose Auto Buy: to make all the process of your drawing fast. Once you have made the payment send me your references (the ones that you can, It can be include a google image if you no have, this step is just to I can be faithful as possible to what the client asks for) with descriptions the more detailed possible of what you want to this mail: [email protected] (The image shown in the YCH is just an example, final work will be better. for more refs take a look in the artbook) PAYMENT METHOD VIA PAYPAL ONLY (FULL PAYMENT) I WILL START THE DRAWING AFTER PAYMENT ^^ Thanks for participating! My social Networks :3 https://ych.art/user/caliluminos https://twitter.com/calilicious3 https://baraag.net/web/accounts/375644 Telegram Channel: https://t.me/calipona https://discord.gg/GrdpXqWS

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