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Day 20 Slime
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MB 1$
After winning the auction, you get the right to own this character
from 30$ - You'll get the version without dress
from 50$ - I can make futa version (optional)
from 100$ + 3 stickers (any emotions)
from 150$ + 3 stickers (6 total)
from 250$ + Bonus mystery drawing (SFW or NSFW)
from 300$ - reference sheet
from 400$ + erotic reference sheet
from 500$ - 50% lifetime discount on my work with this character
from 1000$ -50% discount on any of my work for 1 year
♥Slime girl
♥Power of the star magic
♥Cosmic slime princess
~YCH Wallet system
~You will have up to 48 hours to pay me once the auction ends.
~No refunds!No delays.
~Confirmed accounts only!
~Please make bets if you are sure that you will be able to pay!
More info:
I'm also free for commissions.
If you have any questions, send me an email at [email protected]

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