Magnifying glass
Starting bid

From behind
Human/Furry - Any gender

Human and furry are both accepted, character can be any gender ~

SB : 50 USD - sketch, soft colored

- 120 USD - detailed line, detailed coloring

- 140 USD - detailed line, detailed coloring + cum vers



- PayPal only
- Any face expression
- Any race, any characters (canon characters are ok)
- I'll send you a WIP when I'll start your commission
- Reference sheet of your characters needed
- Feel free to ask if you have any questions !
- Please, if you don't respond after 48h when you won the auction, I'll give the YCH to the second highest bidder.
- Only the pose shown. You can ask for changes but it will cost an extra.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Foudreika's portfolio

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