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Sheep Adoptable ( 2.0 )
please only bid if you are sure you will buy

this is my new account and in order not to lose it i intend to behave in it.
please only bid if you are sure you will buy, buyers who give up on purchases will be blocked from my auctions
The previous buyer unfortunately gave up on the purchase, just contact him (iamlopex27)
I decided to add some more prizes with the auction AB! in addition to the two nsfw pages when buying for 500
the AB 650 gives you the right to a small animation (nsfw or normal) in addition to the two pages of the comic that can be both nsfw and a normal comic, everything is up to you
the uncensored image is given right after the purchase and all the extra gear the purchase takes about 2-3 weeks to get ready, I will give you my contact on the discord and will send you wips frequently

you can access a little more of my work both through my deviantart and my furaffinity


thank u <3

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