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YCH Reference

Auction based on bakawasemi ( https://vk.com/iiyaiiyaiiya )
- do not distribute in any way
- do not erase the signature, you can move
- you can modify things and add new ones
- you can do yuch / custom / etc

SB: $5
MI: $1
AB: $50

SB-10$ - only FULLBODY sketch
11-15$ - only FULLBODY flat colored sketch
16-25$ - FULLBODY+HALFBODY full colored sketch
26-49$ - full art
50$ - full art + NSFW version

- Paypment only Paypal
- Payment has to be done at least 48 hrs after the auction ends
- After payment, no refunds can be accepted
- Only human
- Time to start the draw: once the payment is done
- You can choose any emotions, background color, hairstyle etc
- I can add her ears, horns, wings and other
- Only REAL bids, please!
- USD Currency
- I will not draw a dismemberment, centaurs, many-armed, multi-legged characters

If you want to ask for a personal and totally personalized commission, you could send me an e-mail here: [email protected]

Samples These are examples of finished art

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