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Starting bid

Dragon Girl [Adoptable]
Monster Girl 01

SB: $30 USD
MI: $2 USD
AB: $300 USD

+30 - FullBody

+$60 - Nude version

+$100 - Extra Bust (pose and expression at the winner's choice)
( https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/AMI3/ )

+$300 - Full Reference Sheet (including the extras previously unlocked):
- Fullbody.
- Alternative outfit (at winner's choice) and nude version of the fullbody.
- Back view and color palette.
- Two extra bust (pose and expression at the winner's choice).
- Extras like shape of the eyes/tail/wings, accessories, weapons, mascot or any detail the winner wants (quiatity and complexity will be agreed between both).

The extras (in case of being unlocked) are optional! You may not want one or the other, and them will be done after the auction, so please have patience.

• Winner gets the png file without watermark in the original size and all rights to the adoptable.
• Payment must be made within 24hrs after the auction ending (via Paypal).
• No refunds.
• No resale.

Find me
Twitter: PocketOrangeArt
DeviantArt: PkOrange
ToyHouse: Naranjopatia
Email: [email protected]
Ko-fi: pkorange

Any doubt or question feel free to ask!
I plan to do a whole serie of monster girls *:・゚°˖✧

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