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Starting bid

Moo? [YCH by Rami]

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Starting bid - $5
Minimum bid - $1

SB - sketch
15$ - Flat colored sketch
30$ - Full colored sketch
60$ - Full art in anime style
100$ - + Underwear version or another suit
130$ - + Nude version (NSFW)
500$ or more - + Halfbody art with your character and 25% discount on my future auctions

- USD Currency.
- You can not: ask for a refund or exchange.
- Full prepayment on PayPal.
- I start working on art after full prepayment
- Background is paid separately
- I can ask for a surcharge if your character has a lot of complicated details
- I draw from 2 weeks to 2 month
- You can choose any hairstyle and clothes.
- I can draw another emotion.
- I can add her ears, horns, wings and other.

Samples These are examples of finished art

DepressiveRami's portfolio

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