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Summertime • 24 HOURS YCH

SB: 5$
MI: 2$

This is a sketch, the finished work will look much more polished ^^
Examlpe of simple shading: https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/9BGC/
Example of detailed shading(SFW): https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/9A0L/
Example of NSFW: https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/93TO/

• Any race (pony / furry / human)
• Outfit may be changed as well as face expression!
• You will recieve the finished work within 3-14 days after the end of an auction.

• 5$+ - not detailed background, SFW version, simple shading
• 30$+ - not detailed background, SFW version, detailed shading
• 100$+ - not detailed background, NSFW version added!
• 120$+ - detailed background, NSFW version as well ;)

• I accept only PayPal.
• Payment should be made within 24 hours after the auction ends.
• We may contact via YCH.commishes or discord! I will provide WIPs all throughout drawing process ^^
• Reference picture required

Samples These are examples of finished art

Chenchen's portfolio

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