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Any Race/Female bodytype only


Hello c:

Any pony race accepted. Wings,horns etc.are ok.
I accept only picture references,no text please.
OCs and CANONS accepted ^^

waiting time: 3-12 days

SB: $1
MI: $2

► under 15$ clean lineart
► from 15$ flats
► from 25$ simple nice coloring
► from 50$ detailed coloring + nsfw version
► from 70$ psd file + you will become my VIP and your commission will gain super priority,I will finish it ASAP (so please respond quickly) + you can pick different food and face expression

PayPal only.
Refunds only when I cannot complete commission.
If you don't respond for my messages for 2-3 days after auction ends, I will close it or move it to another bidder.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Wild-Fluff's portfolio

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