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(REBOOT) gardevoir x sylveon adopt!
thanks so much for the interest!! <3

reboot since the last bidders were unable to pay ^^

SB: $20 / 2000 pts
MI: $2 / 200 pts
-$60 unlocks extra fully shaded fullbody (no bg)
-$120 unlocks reference sheet (2 fullbodies + 2 headshots OR other detail of your choice) example sta.sh/01entru2n6vv

-payment in paypal please!
-you can do as you please with the adopt after you have it (editing and such), just credit me and don't sell them for more unless you've added art.
-if you aren't able to pay i'll refer to the previous bidder
-if you prefer to buy via dA points, you can bid here too- fav.me/ddp676z

Samples These are examples of finished art

Hanamura_adopts's portfolio

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