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Commission slot

Payment Via Paypal (USD)

IF YOU CAN'T ANSWER IN THE SPAN OF TWO OR THREE DAYS PLEASE DO NOT BID, I can't waste my time reminding people of paying and/or responding to me. Please understand.

SB clean sketch
+13$ Lineart with one color filler
+17$ flat colors
+20$ cell shade
AB full shade

Adding a character cost 50% more than what you bid initially

- I have a toyhouse. If you commission me and you want to upload the artwork there credit me as "dark-drawz"
- I will upload the commission on my Instagram "dark_drawz" with the username you have here (if it's an email, I will put it as "anon". If you want to be credited a certain way or you don't want it posted let me know)
- Visual reference is required, I don't work with only descriptions
- I am ok with you sending NSFW references if you don't have more
- However, I don't do NSFW art unless I ask for it myself, so please consider this before bidding, I am not an NSFW artist
- Female nudity/shirtless male is ok

Samples These are examples of finished art

Dark-drawz's portfolio

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