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Pony Adoptable EXTRA ART!!

Hello! Unfortunately, I have to sell this pony because I need urgent money, I have personal and family emergencies. This pony carries nothing more and nothing less than more than 82 pieces of art! and mostly of good quality.
Forms of payment I accept:
Western Union
Amazon gift card

* extra things that I can accept *
Custom plush
Custom Action Figures
Video games / consoles.
Orders through amazon.
 Or some other thing you want to offer.

If you have any questions you can contact here:
Deviantart: Takan0
Twitter: @Yexilenijaviari

* Please, serious offers. If you do not have to offer please do not make false offers.
* Payment must be made for 24 hours, after this the auction will start again.
* If you are going to offer any object or similar you can send me photos through the aforementioned contacts.
* If you have any questions or concerns ask with respect, and if I take time to respond to the messages I apologize for it. In my country (Venezuela) the electric light, internet and telephone signals constantly go away.
* You should keep in mind that all your photos will be passed through a .rar file because of my bad internet, I wouldn't shit all the pony images.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Yexileni_javiari's portfolio

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