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Dance with Cera

Can be any pose~ (with you reference)

Closed series of drawings.

Qiwi, Paypal (USD).

Deadline-up to 4 weeks.

All the green changing the color of the fairies.
The background is the opposite of green.
Example~ portfolio.commi...show/4HM4/

"Dancing with a butterfly is not a transformation.
In the history of (my) will appear where the event will be held presentation in one of the famous places.
Any character can become a dancer for this performance
Each is given a butterfly that changes the appearance, giving the dress/costume (m) color
Together with clothes there is knowledge about dance.

Initially, the butterfly is white (it is located in the garden of Ceres).
Behind, from a necklace, the mantle falls down, during dance it opens as wings

Cera - asexual creature
In our view, takes the form of a guy or a girl.

To us, these creatures are like butterflies, but they are not."

I apologize for the crooked text, it is translated with the help of a translator)

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Laksrey's portfolio

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