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http://www.furaffinity.net/user/estih/ - more of my drawings

This is just a sketch. The result will be cool (o^▽^o) Check my gallery

YCH rules:
*Any species is available (human, ponies, furries, etc but no big wings)
*Easy background for free

*sketch 13$ - 34$
*lineart and flat color filling 35$ - 44$
*Lineart, flat color, flat shades 45$ - 54$
*shading 55$+
Autobuy - 60$

NSFW ver. + 20$
A "life static pose" animation - 10-80$ (depends on kind of motion)

Service rules:
* Paypal USD only
* Payment upfront (in 48 hours after ending of the auction)
* Commission might take about 15-30 days
*Edits to the finished work are accepted within one week after I send you the finished work.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Estih's portfolio

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