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Starting bid
Automatic bidding Auction on sale This auction is being offered at a discounted rate

Alone in the room ♥
Female or Futa

5$ simple Colors

10$ Normal coloring with lights and shading

20$ soft shading, colored halftones with volume

30$ nude additional version.

40$ All of the above mentioned + background

50$ additional outfit of your choice or additional or different accessory.

80$ You can get 8 additional versions as you wish

Any hairstyle, any tail
Accessories can be add or remove them.

♥ Any type, Any Species!
Gender: female or Male


-The character will be drawn in the position shown

-The payment must be completed within 48 hours after the auction, otherwise I will proceed to contact another person from this auction.

-If i didnt contacted you in this time, the pay can be delayed

-Payment Metod: Paypal

Please, consider Paypal fee at the time you pay for the draw.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Bleandi's portfolio

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