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I want the plushie!
Bid here for spot C (Blue)

A new traditional babyfur auction! Let's pla... ops. Someone doesn't want to share their toys, here!

Bid here for spot C(blue).

✘ any anthro species (human, pony, furry, scalie, avian, etc..)
✘ any gender
✘ Wings and horns are ok!
✘ only PayPal (USD)

The final result will be completely drawn and colored in traditional art (colored pencils, ballpoint pen, etc...) and shaded. The winners will receive, of course, high-resolution files.

www.furaffinity.../28042279/ | ych.commishes.c...s--spot-c/ | www.furaffinity.../24905428/ | www.furaffinity.../25096246/ | www.furaffinity.../24875205/ | www.furaffinity.../26735538/

Good luck and happy bidding!

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need to be diaper ych!
Diaper ych? Like, babies with diapers? The one that buy the spot can also decide for a bigger diaper ;)

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