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Adoptable - school girl wolf

Paypal only! I will send you the invoice. Winner must pay within 48hrs after bid ends or else I will go to the next highest bidder.

What you will get:
If you bid more than $30 you get a reference sheet! (Contains front + back view, color palette, and eye details)

By purchasing an adoptable from me, you agree to the following:

-Please credit me for the design at least once or when ever necessary.
-You are allowed to change the adoptable's color palette/outfit/fur pattern.
-Upon purchasing, you own the character. You may do whatever you wish with them, including using them for commercial work, you just can not use my art commercially.
-Trading the adopt is fine, but if possible I'd like to be notified of where it goes.
-You may resell the adopt but for no more than what you spent on it. I'd also like to know where it goes, as stated above.
-I still retain the right to post the art of the adoptable in my gallery/portfolio. I will credit ownership of the character to whomever owns them, of course!

Samples These are examples of finished art

JuicyRose's portfolio

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