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Potion: Essence of [GOOD]

Walking down a dark alleyway, you encounter a completely trustworthy looking figure offering you a potion...


Potion: Essence of [GOOD]
Within this vial is the pure distilled essence of [GOOD]. Warning: Ingesting this is [GOOD FOR YOU] and can cause the drinker to turn into a [GOOD PERSON] and may also cause feelings of intense [GOODNESS].

[Many parts of the description of this potion seem to have been scratched out and replaced.]


Winner of the auction will win a succubus/incubus/imp/demon transformation sequence with the character of their choice. The length of the sequence will be around 5 panels, though potentially more, if I'm able to. I will also work with the winner to somewhat customize the sequence.

The winner can also add additional effects to the potion, such as gender changes, size changes, or mental changes.



- Final picture will be fully lined and colored.
- I will contact you via the provided email when the auction is over with instructions.
- Payment for the winning bids must be completed within 48 hours.
- Completion of final picture should be done within 1-2 weeks.
- All bids are in USD.
- All characters must be of legal age.
- All characters must be your own, or you must have permission to use someone else's (AKA: No characters from anime/manga/TV/etc)

Failure to respond/pay in a timely manner will result in being blacklisted from future auctions.

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