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¡HI! SB: $20 MI: $2 AB: $60 (AB comes with a chibi fullbody or a half body as a freebie) ⭐️ Payment metods ⭐️ Paypal (usd) ⭐️ Payment ⭐️ •The payment must be realised 48 hours after the end of the aution •If the winner didn't respond in 24 hours, the auction will be restarted, and they lost the adopt •No refunds •If the winner don't respond or make the payment at a specific time, they will be put in the blacklist of customers, so please bid with responsibility ♡ ⭐️ What do you get ⭐️ •PNG files •Images full resolution without watermark •Color palette of the character •Images with white, transparent, and color background ⭐️ You get all rights of the character: ⭐️ •Can be traded, gifted •You can change the design •Commercial use is allowed only if the bid was higher than $20 ⭐️ How i'll send the pictures ⭐️ •When the payment is completed, i will send the pictures via email •You can request to be sent to other social media, too ⭐️ Thanks for reading ⭐️ Have a good day There's my Ko-fi if you're interested in other services and support me https://ko-fi.com/tomiosan

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