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SKETCH YCH successful hunt

SB: $30 MB: $2 AB: $100 https://www.furaffinity.net/view/56978300/#cid:179870181 also here ABOUT ART - any gender - any canine like (similar anatomy) - hair, tail and other things will be changed to your character. i can add horns, wings, accessories etc - OC or canon - you must have references of your character ready - it is SKETCH yhc - from $60 line, full colored, simple shading - Work will be completed within 2 weeks to 2 month after full payment confirmed. I will try to finish it as soon as possible. I will inform you about the work progress, to make sure you are happy with what are you getting. I can do small changes during the working when i show you WIPs however if you dont wanna see WIP`s you cant ask me to do any changes afterwards. I have copyright of the picture i draw, you dont have the right for commercial use,edit or resell my art ( unless you are selling the character in the picture itself) I may use final picture for commercial purposes. If you want me not to publish the work anywhere, please write about it in advance. PAYMENT PayPal only (USD) 1) After the end of the auction, contact me [email protected] CRM on the site 2) Attach to message your character ref 3) Pay to my PayPal account within 48 hours paypal.me/ArtmaelSverr ~ After it I will rework the art to fit your character and sent you it in case you want any changes Have something else you'd like me to add? just ask, I`m super friendly and flexible 馃枻

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