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https://twitter.com/RafiArtist20928 YCH Morning with you

PLEASE READ TILL THE END ^^ ATTENTION!!! —Sketch + basic colors: 5$ (EXAMPLE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x7sM_4Mm3XWFqDKuWgsjf8y65hJ3OwaP) —Color sketch + painting: 10$ (EXAMPLE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Q4qvm8DMziIKiGNQrgtR7pkS1p7ocER9) —Full art with processing: 25$ (EXAMPLE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oJ2fRheo93CFAeAGqL6L7AMeV4LnCL_i) — If you make an automatic purchase, 100% from me you will receive art as a gift (an icon or a random emotion with your character) —If you didn't win the auction, but would like to purchase this YCH, you can wait a little while I put it up again ^^ — You can change the character’s gender, clothes, change a person to a furry and vice versa, human to anthro-pony and vice versa, change the background color) ➤♡ If there are two or more characters on YCH, the auction price includes all characters at once ➤♡ The number of slots is unlimited :3 ➤♡ Simple background only! (IF YCH HAS A BACKGROUND IT IS ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE AUCTION COST) ➤♡ Payment: —Boosty (PAYPAL IS TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE) preferable payment on Boosty via card! There is a guide and all the information, don’t worry, I will help you! —Hipolink (has payment option via PayPal) • I'm drawing: ✩People (+yuri, yaoi) ✩Chibi ✩Pony (+anthro) ✩Pokémon (+anthro) ✩Furry ✩Other races (elves, goblins, demons, tieflings, dwarves) ✦RULES & ADDITIONAL INFO✦ — BOOSTY OR Hipolink (payment guide will be provided) 100% prepayment — YOU MUST HAVE VISUAL REFERENCES OF YOUR OC (NOT A WRITTEN DESCRIPTION) — not necessary but references are always welcome! (clothes, emotions, poses, etc) — And ll the art will be posted on my social media accounts by default BUT if you don't want it to be posted anywhere then please, let me know ✦DEADLINE✦ — Up to 3-5 days (There may be situations where I may be late with the deadline, BUT YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE!) —The deadline starts from the moment the sketch is submitted — I will start working on the commission after receiving the payment • I'm also on social media: https://boosty.to/rafiii https://vk.com/rafiartist https://twitter.com/RafiArtist20928 https://www.deviantart.com/rafiiis https://www.instagram.com/rafii_artist https://www.furaffinity.net/user/rafiiiartist https://hipolink.net/ru/constructor Thank you for your attention, have a good day! ❤ Regards, your Rafi ❤

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