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Naive Seduction Sola the FeyScarred Succubus

Hello all! This one’s a little late, I been playing Dragon’s Dogma 2. Sola is a young cleric that had been searching for ways to better spread his faith to the people. He would frequent the seediest places in the city to seek out those he felt needed faith the most. One night, while spreading the message in a bordello, he encountered a cloaked figure who offered him a way to be even more effective in spreading his faith, he need only make a small “donation”. The figure turned out to be a succubus, and in exchange for a pact price, he was given new powers, tools to use in the conversion of people to his faith… Name: Sola Age: 20 (human)/134 (fey) FeyScarred with: Succubus Pact Price: Voice (there are other ways to preach) Fairy Lantern location: Throat Powers: Seduction, Enchantment, Life drain, Blood drain, Hypnosis. Weakness: Periodic uncontrollable lust, apathy, frivolousness. *PayPal please! SB- $10 MB-$5 Winner gets unwatermarked version. As seen in the mini pic, the tail, shawl, the, um, “extra” part, and wings can be removed.

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