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1/1 The last bid wins. But also all bidders can write to me in discord if they also want art^^ Price: ✦Sketch with simple coloring and shadows✦ -$10- portrait -$15 - half body -$18 - full body ✦Full render✦ - $25 - portrait - $35 - half body - $40 - full body You can have a look at the drawing in my portfolio (ᵔ◡ᵔ) https://www.deviantart.com/lunargoose1 ✦+70% of the base price for an additional character ✦Background: +$0 - One colour or simple background +$10 backgrounds of medium complexity (clouds, grass, nature) (including as part of the composition) +$20 Complex background (cities, multidimensional landscape, etc.) It's also possible to draw a sketchy background. It costs 50% of the cost of the background ✦Payment: -Payment is possible only through the platform "Boosty"(card payment is possible. no PayPal) or hipolink(PayPal works). -Prepayment can be either 100% or 50% before the sketch and 50% after sketch approval -Payment must be made within 48 hours from the moment the message was sent to you (or alert me if you have a problem) Please do not withdraw/cancel the bid ✦Other information: -Before I start drawing, attach a character reference, or a text description of it, with possible wishes to its appearance -Any race, hairstyle, clothing, expression (I rarely draw people, so buy at your own risk) -only SFW (the exception is guro, artistic nudity) -I will post ready-made works in the portfolio, so let me know if you want to keep the work hidden -Deadline is negotiated personally with each customer, because it depends on commission complexity. 3 to 5 weeks (+100% of the full amount of the order. Deadline 1-3 days) -Complexity of character/commissions does affect cost -If I realize that I can't draw what you want or I don't like your idea of drawing, I have the right to refuse. Feel free to ask questions! Discord - lunargoose Telegram - lunargoose Boosty - https://boosty.to/lunargoose

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