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$50/month payment plan available! 💀 Gothic Bunny/Bat Hybrid Adopt 💀

Welcome to the auction! • If owner would like, once payment for just the adopt is completely made, owner may request small changes to adopt (changing text, changing colors, slight clothing/pattern changes, slight body type changes). Anything else may require an additional fee. • Please read my full adopt ToS within my website, under section IIIA.: https://artistotlensfw.art/#adoptterms - bidding automatically means that you fully agree to and understand my adopt ToS. AUCTION INFO: SB: $100 MI: $5 AT $250: SFW or NSFW colored bust-up sketch included. NO AB SB: Receive a high-res version of the image above, as well as the rights to use "Blair" noncommercially. All watermarks will be removed (except for one in the corner) for the high-res version, which the owner may not share to the public. The owner will also receive a low-res version of the adopt, without the "ADOPT - NOT YET SOLD" watermark. The owner may share this version publicly. They will also get a 15% off discount for commissions that feature this adopt, and this CAN stack with Patreon discounts. This CANNOT stack with any other discounts, and does not apply to commercial commissions, already discounted offers, or commissions that are $170 and under. AFTER THE AUCTION ENDS: • I will send a PM to the person who has won the auction. Please make sure it's actually me who's PM'ing you! Please also have a Discord to continue further communication! • If the winner of the auction fails to contact or respond to me within 48 hours, or does not abide by my ToS, they will be blacklisted, may be made known to other artists, and may have a clients beware made on them depending on severity. If contact has not been made, or the adopt was refunded, the auction will then either restart, or the next-in-line bidder will be contacted. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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