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Info ----> Read the description (furry/humanoid/ human) Padoru Style YCH Any Gender

hello everybody! if you like the style of the meme "padoru padoru" this is your time to get your oc or a cannon oc (like the "ushiwakamaru (fate grand order) sample") drawn by me in said style. ^^ gender: female, or male. species: human, humanoid,kemonomimi or furry. //Background: Can change Bg :) No bg Version too for free// Samples: https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/TM9H/ https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/TPA0/ https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/TCFG/ https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/TAEK/ characters with complicated fur or colors will have an extra cost depending on the amount of details that need to be added. ($ 2) Bottom: If you want a different or personalized background (SIMPLE) we could talk about it :) SB: flat colors and soft shades. (with some details) AB REWARD: *full detailed * you recibe telegram sticker of your padoru *(you recibe the png archive of your padoru character to print and laminate it if you like to put it as a decoration on your tree (600 x 600 px) . (printing costs and others are at your own expense) TAT: 2 days max. payment method: paypal. You have 24 hours to pay me the entire payment. I start working (Monday to Friday (Argentina) once I have received the payment. thank you for read and have a good week <3

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