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Magnifying glass
Starting bid

ANIMATION - S-senpai, notice me...
MLP animation YCH!

Whooooo, animated YCH, wooooo!!!!
- if the animation DOESN'T WORK HERE, check the animation THERE:
-> sta.sh/01sx9nuwfsqf

SB - $15
MB - $1
AB - ---

Scared Yandere-pony hiding behind its wing.

♥ female or male!
♥ must be a pony with wings - pegasus / alicorn
♥ OC or CANON!

How will the finished art look like:
$15 - $30 -> clear sketch with flat colors (example here - fav.me/dbwfw4g )
$31 - $46 -> clear sketch with colors and shading (like the previous one but with shading)
$47 - $65 -> outlines with flat colors (example - like the next one but without shading, duh)
$65 - $90 -> outlines with colors and shading (example here - fav.me/dc7cfoa )
$90 - ... -> lineless, colored and shaded (example here - fav.me/dcc4oo3 )

If the bid will be higher than $90 I can also add a pony's senpai's reflection in its eyes.

You will get:
♥ non-animated picture of the first frame
♥ big animation gif file (A4 size)
♥ small amination gif file (about 1000 x 1400 pixels)
♥ big and small versions with senpai's reflection in pony's eyes (if the bid will be higher than $90)

* PayPal in USD
* Payment within 24 hours after the end of the auction
* Before drawing, you will get a detailed sketch with manes and other features to accept.
* I'll start drawing after payment.
* You have to have reference art with your ponies (not next); pony creator pic is the minimum

Samples These are examples of finished art

Julunis14's portfolio

Auction questions

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