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Meorark (Meowstic + Zoroark + Braixen)

▬▬▬▬✰✧✦✧✰▬▬▬▬ Hiii everyone~ New babies available! Make sure you read the rules!~ Remember to join my discord server to be tagged when I upload more beans, as well as exclusive auctions! discord.gg/Xy6X9QUPwU *TENEBRIS LUNAM AND ELIBAT'S BIDS ARE FROM OTHER SITES - DA/FA: Bid in chain/respond to previous bidder of same bean. NOT ACCEPTING HOLD FOR THOSE UNLESS YOU'LL BE WILLING TO WAIT FOR A WEEK+ FOR ME TO BE ABLE TO WORK AGAIN!!!!! 1. Meorark (Meowstic + Zoroark + Braixen) 2. Positive Sneasel (+Miraidon) 3. Kirlylveon Lolita (Kirlia + Sylveon) 4. Moth Kirlia Each: · SB: $15 · MIN: $2 · $25: Pre Evolution, Evolution OR Extra fullbody. · MB1 $35: (Previous Reward)+ Mega Evolution, the other Evolution / Pre evolution OR Extra fullbody.. Cuts the timer down to 12 hours. · MB2 $65: (Previous Rewards)+ Bust. Cuts time down to 6 hours. · MB3 $100: (Previous Rewards)+ Full body + 2 headshots + free color change OR small changes. Cuts timer down to 1 hour, ONLY AB CAN BE OFFERED AFTER THIS TIER. · AB $150: (Previous Rewards)+ Shiny + Icon OR Chibi + PSD file · AB2* $250: (Previous Rewards)+ Human/Anthro Simple Character Sheet. Sheet is of back and front view with some accessories or close ups. This can be changed to a full ref sheet of the feral version. *AB2 DOES NOT OVERRIDE AB! IT IS AN ALTERNATE OPTION. <—— ANOTHER INFORMATION ——> Crossposted in Deviantart, Furaffinity and YCH links: · Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/tenebrislunam/art/Pokefusion-adoptables-26-2023-983156921 · Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/53714386/ · YCH RULES/TOS: · By placing an offer/bid/AB you automatically accept these rules/tos. · Auction will end 24 hours after this has been uploaded or after AB/AB2. Actions for individual items may be ended earlier due to MB# bids. We have the right to end any auction early. · Payment via PAYPAL / KOFI. · Payment must be made within 48 hours after we message you. · No communication with 48 hours will cancel your winning offer and the bean will be re-uploaded for auction. · HOLDS ONLY FOR AB/AB2, SB+$5 must be paid within the first 48 hours. · For Holds: 1 week only. If full payment isn't made within a week and 5 days the bean will be re-uploaded for auction. Any money paid WON'T BE REFUNDED. We understand situations change but we are also counting on this money. · If it’s not a hold: you have responded to the message but haven't paid within 48 hours, $5 will be added to the total amount every 24 hours the bean isn't paid for. If a week has passed with no payment the bean will be re-uploaded for auction. · Bean can be resold, for the same price or lower. Price can only be increased if the bean has more art/commissions. - Can request the character to be turned into another thing to have commercial rights on them. Commercial rights are included with AB/AB2. For commercial rights on any other offer it will cost +$20, this includes the PSD file. · Credit TenebrisLunam/EliBat when uploading. · DO NOT CLAIM ART OR DESIGN AS YOUR OWN! · NO REFUNDS! · Chargebacks will get you blacklisted, any of the above rules broken will also get you blacklisted. · We have the right to cancel anyone's bid or refuse sale to an individual. Pokemon is owned by the Pokemon Company, Nintendo and GameFreak. We are not associated with them in any way. We own these designs. Art by Tenebris Lunam

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