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ych gif

sb:3usd mi:1usd ab: 80usd (human, nekomimi, furry etc) (the characters can be the same or different) PRICES FOR ICON NO GIF: https://sta.sh/0o15paaesor ♡For custom add +3 usd to the offer (you can change the expression and pose you want, as long as it remains a chibi half body) For commercial use add 7usd to the offer you want♡ Lineart: (simple base color, only white, pink etc) 1 gif x 3usd 3 gifs x 7 usd 6 gifs x 12usd 10gif x 20usd flat colour: 1 gif x 6usd 3 gifs x 15usd 6 gifs x 30usd 10 gifs x 50 usd Full color 1 gif x 9usd 3 gifs x 24usd 6 gifs x 46 usd 10gif x 80usd And it is: . any species and gender . you can change or add something very slight (ex: wink in the eye or some word) not: .nsfw 🌸rules🌸 . only paypal . no refund . %100 is paid before starting to draw . time 5 days~ 3 weeks . once the lineart is approved by you, each change you want to make in the painting stage (to the lineart) will have an additional cost of 1 usd (if significant) ♡EXAMPLES♡ ♡one color: https://sta.sh/0lrzrk8468e ♡flat: https://sta.sh/045ls9v8xgy https://sta.sh/01q0btmu28pb ♡full: https://sta.sh/023ryt1wkige https://sta.sh/02dg9waqs9iy OpenAdoptable p2u based ToS in: https://www.deviantart.com/openadoptable/art/F2U-P2U-Re-make-1-910438441 https://www.deviantart.com/openadoptable/art/F2U-P2U-Free-To-Use-Base-AND-Pay-To-Use-16-891280422 my discord: amaki88 trello: https://trello.com/b/8bx2WMQc/amaki88-commissions

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