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Halloween Halloween YCH

SB: 20$ [USD] Mi: 1$ AB: 100$ [by buying AB You can change animation a bit, add blinks, add wagging tail, ear flop] The biggest bid, the better results ^Payment via Boosty >> PayPal [You can pay by PayPal on those sites!!] ^Keep in mind that I'm VERY SLOW WORKING ARTIST and here is very little I can do about it :[ ^Any gender [but similiar body build] ^Furries ONLY. If You have a dilemma if Your character would fit, just ask in the comments ^Any species of furry ^No refunds and cancellation of commission! You have to be sure with placing Your bid [You can only cancel commission after 2 months if not finished] I WON'T DRAW: -Mecha [or will draw it badly] -Underage characters in sexual way -Pokemon characters, series characters (mlp original characters excluded) [explanation in TOS] -Complicated design EXTRA INFO: ^It's okay if Your character's body build differ a bit from what is in the picture ^You can change expression as You wish :)) ^By buying commission from me You accept rules above ^PAYMENT PLANS ARE OKAY FOR BIDS ABOVE 50 USD :))! My TOS: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1N96FcttLXCf6QBJz-kOWN-1C1FRu0Gxz WHILE COMMISSIONING ME, YOU AGREE TO MY TOS. AUCTION ALSO TAKES PLACE HERE:

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