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human, furry, demons, etc are ok! ⭐️Experimental Fullbody Commission⭐️

Heya! I am practicing some experimental fullbody commissions right now, and would love to draw your character! I am best at Furry (anthro) characters, anthro Pokémon, and Ponies. I am still practicing humanoid characters and would love to try! I prefer drawing female, feminine-bodied, futa or femboys. I am not great at masculine/ male-bodied but I am willing to try if you desire. Payment via Paypal. You must respond within 72 hours of winning or else I will move to the runner-up/restart the auction. SB: $20 MI: $1 AB: $50 SB: Flat fullbody of your OC, with minimal shading, like the example image. Can be SFW (suggestive) or NSFW (nudity) $35+: More shading and detailing, plus you can get 1 alt (so SFW + NSFW as an example!) AB: All of the above, plus extra outfit, alts, etc (we will discuss !) Complicated accessories and outfits, custom tattoos and detailed markings will cost extra, depending on the complexity. No mecha/detailed robotic appendages/etc please! Wings, hooves and the like do not cost extra. I love drawing them! Thanks for looking!

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