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How much would it be if I wanted to get just the eyes but both eyes of my pony?
I only say this cause my favorite has two different looking eyes
pp.userapi.com/...eJP8Kc.jpg I draw and such. But it costs from $ 30 depending on the complexity of the character.
But if just two eyes without the rest of the head. Hmm, I do not know how much it would cost.
Oh, the temptation to bid for another is a lot T-T

I will share this auction on my Facebook profile where I published the previous drawing, maybe someone is interested!
Oh, thank you ^^
Could i order art?
depending on what type of art you want)
I Would like to order art simlar to this pp.userapi.com/...eJP8Kc.jpg
If the price of $30 suits you, please write me on the deviantart %)

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