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Furry/ human/ mecha/ monsters "Panik Kalm Panik" ych meme

1 character! Sb- Lineart 5$ flat colored+ basic shade 15$ and up Full render If you do win this auction you can choose to pay more to get another rendering option. I will make sure to deliver these as fast as posible, it shouldn't take more than a week! However i will notify if there is any delay! Ty Your character will be drawn in that pose. 🔺️What i can/ cannot draw!! I can draw robots, furry, humans, monsters. I can draw gore/ candy gore ( no examples rn though srry) I am not able to draw cars, other vehicles, certain objects. Atm not nsfw No fetish art and stuff of that nature Nothing with a heavy political message 🔻You will have to note a bunch of stuff before commissioning !🔺️ I am free to decline any offer if you make me feel uncomfortable Please dont order anything discriminative You can always ask for Wips YOU CAN MODIFY THE finished COMMISION AND POST (if you post you should credit me) ex- you ask for a lineart commision and you can add colors & etc Please do provide me with a clear reference, i do not accept irl pictures of a person or videogame screenshots. Please do not do a chargueback scam thing The art wont be able to be used for comercial purposes, if you ever want to use them for that, lmk and we will discuss it. I can change the lineart! Paypal only! Lmk if you will pay on usd or euros. At least half of the payment upfront, ty! -Find me on other socials https://garleo.carrd.co/

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