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With color, shadows, lights and effects! Sketch Commission (+color)

- icon: $12 Bust: $20 Half body: $30 Full body: $40 - Add flat color: $7 - $27 (depending on the complexity) - Add shades and effects: $ 8 - $28 (depending on the complexity) - Add background: $1 - $20 (depending on the complexity) INFO: IMPORTANT: If you are from Europe, send the money as EURO €, but if you aren't from Europe, send DOLLAR $ - Payment only through PAYPAL. %100 and 24h. I accept only $ dollar and € euro. - Depending on the complexity of the character / design or additional items, the price may increase. - Adding another character would cost the same (although it obviously depends on the complexity and simplicity of the character, the price can go up and down). - The changes are always available, but take a good look at what you want to change so as not to overwhelm the artist and that this does not take too long. But remember: Sketch (always open), for lineart and flat color (3 times) for shadows and effects - I will start with the rest of your commission when it is fully paid. - I do a lot of updates for my clients, don't worry. If I'll be busy, I'll let you know. I don't like clients being out of communication. - You don't have the right to cancel or demand a refund from me under any circumstances after receiving the payment. - If the money has not yet been sent, the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission. - DO NOT edit, trace, modify or alter the part in any way. - If you do not have enough money, please do not bid. - The final product is for personal use only. + My IG for more examples: www.instagram.com/ommiotta/ + For specific exaples (tried to update every week, although just in case visit my IG): ommiotta.carrd.co/#two I CAN DO: -Male, Woman, Animals, Fan art, Fanart x OC, OC x OC, Anthro, Humanoid, Monsters, (in short, almost everything). I CAN NOT DO: Violence, Pedofilia, Zoophilia and strange fetishes, Hard gore and explicit NSFW, Very difficult background

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