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Leviathan Adopt

Adoptable is designed by @Lyukaart https://twitter.com/LyukaArt Contact me on Twitter VIA Direct Messages if you have won OR MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR EMAIL ATTACHED Rules for the auction: (PLEASE READ) - Bidding begins at $100 - Minimum Bid is $10 - PAYPAL ONLY and in FULL - Auction will run for 24 hours - Large increases in bidding will be deemed suspicious such as $100+ from previous bid and will be removed - Whoever wins MUST contact me VIA TWITTER through DMs (HANDLE IS ABOVE) Do not respond to anyone whose not named like me. All business will be sorted through TWITTER so ignore anything suspicious like through this website - Winner MUST contact me within 24 hours once the auction is over otherwise I will see it as unwanted/false bid and move onto the runner up - Winner will receive the Flat and Full Resolution without watermark - Only bid if you're certain you want the adoptable and can afford to pay the amount as I DO NOT ACCEPT REFUNDS ONCE ADOPT IS PAID FOR

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