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Starting bid
Buy this now! Autobuy enabled Bid more than $500.00 to own this piece immediately

Sleepy Boy Adoptable

If you win, I will send you PNG file and JPG without watermarks and small gift for you!

SB - 10$

MB - 5$

AB - 350$ (nsfw ver. and cum ver. and I can do version with vagina)
AB 2 - 500$ (included AB1) Full version of this reference (this is just a sketch)

Additional options:
+$120 3 animated stickers
+$120 back view
+$80 3 emotions
+$90 second costume/ hair
+$90 underwear version
+$250 nsfw art with your pose
+$150 background

You can pay on my boosty, USD

my twitter: bertochka3
my fa: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/akichan111/

Samples These are examples of finished art

Milich's portfolio

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