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Starting bid

What? I was just stretching...

It auction also runs on this site! ( ych.art/auction/33 )
PLEASE dublicate your bids or I will do it myself x'3

- any race, but ONLY mares;
- any color of stockings and suit (but I think black will be the best);
- mane and tail will be changed according to your character;
- PayPal only;

>25USD - detailed character without background;
<25USD - detailed character without background + version without suit;
<50USD - detailed character without background + version without suit + sex (and cum) version (can be also with some toy);
<100USD - detailed character and detailed background and all things from previous;

Please be patient, big work can take time ^_^

DA (empaws.deviantart.com/)

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UnexpectedHappiness's portfolio

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That moment no one reads the Description
Yeah :c (also I didn't know that I can't do bids on other site without creating another account x-x)
Can it be a canon character for this ych?

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