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Lovely story(comix -9 pages)
Ych pony

Hello! It will be very difficult, but pleasant work.

>PayPal only
>You have to pay in 24 hours after auction ends
>Changed according to your characters
>Contact email or CRM
>Any race
>I can add winter accessories
>This is JUST A SKETCH, I promise you a complete clear drawing.

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You should really add a sniping protection with this kind of work^^
One request. If Damian os not paying, pls reupload as he basically blocked other bids between 100 and 200
I hope he does not deceive
If this happens, do you want to buy this YCH?
The thing is it would be unfair for other. While I would have go up to 150, maybe more, this is an auction for a reason, and I've seen enough fake bidder just so no one can bid too high, except someone really wants to pay this much
Wait, if the deception then it will be sad...
I just reupload...If you are planning to buy YCH, maybe I'll just write you a letter?
Could you please tell me as soon as hou know if this bet was legit?
Okay/I will write here
Umm, bud. Why would you assume this Damian person isnt going to pay unless you know something? Besides, even if this guy doesnt pay, usually the auction would go to the next one down. I am wondering what your motives are.
(Inserts my heavy sarcasm)
I think this Damian person and Firetale are working together.
If Damian/Firetale, which I'm pretty sure are the same person, can you please give it to me? I actually bid on this before this Damian character
Because I've seen it before multiple time that someone makes a bid, and then overbids by a large amount with another account, so when that doesn't get paid, the second one is over a 100 Dollars less. I'm just always sceptical when out of nowhere someone raises by over 100 Dollars
I'm certain that you and Damian are the same person now, trying to screw legit bidders
Lmao. (My sarcasm is amazing)
Ooookay. This is fucking getting retarded. What is going on here?
I am certain right now that Firetale and Damian are the same person
This shit is getting beyond fucking stupid
Who is Damian/Firetale?
Damian is trolling. And the reason I mentioned this is because of situations like here where the artist lost interest in doing alltogether because of people who bid high and don't pay... ych.commishes.c...ad-of-you/
I can't fucking stand assholes who try to fuck bidders and artists. HomeCome, I would suggest reporting this Damian person and Firetale. There is something fucking fishy going on and it stinks of cheating
Wynter-Skye, I was just interested in this one, and as I said, found it suspicious that someone increased over 100 Dollar. If it's legit then there is everything okay. All I was saying is that if it's not, that he starts this auctions new so others who would have layed more than the second bidder, have a chance to get it. If you look at my profile, you will see that I'm actually bouth quite some stuff on this side.
I feel like you and Damian are here to fuck over bidders. I bid legit for this for my gf and I and I feel like you and damian are trying to screw me. If Damian isnt legit, artist should give to runner up. I'm not losing this to a troll
I don't fuck over bidders. As I said I would have raised to about 150 myself, I usually wait till the last hour before I set bids though. And do you really think that I would try to fuck someone over when I even recommended to activate sniping protection to prevent someone to just over bid in the last second?
I think this is some kind of game to you, tbh. I don't like this situation. This stinks to shit. If the damian guy is a troll, I'm not losing this. I bid legitly for this comic for GF and I.
If you want I can give you a list of YCHs I've won and paid. I can guarantee that I'm legid
Yet you immediately claimed from the beginning that this Damian guy wasnt legit and tried to swindle the runner-up, myself. This all smells like fish. I dont trust you or Damian
As I said, I find it suspicious when someone increases that much out of nowhere. What you say would make more sense when I would have bid before, and therefor secured a lower prise as runners up.
It's strange that Damian himself does not answer me in CRM, but he answers well here.
Did you want to buy YCH?
Yes I would please.
As would I...
In order to do everything quickly
I'll choose a better bet and you'll get your YCH
Write me an email with the suggestion of your bid :[email protected]
We will then chat through the email,I hope this will be fair ^^
Thats not fair... Firetale not only DIDNT BID is but I can only assume that them and Damian are the same person. This is not fair. I bid 91$ and then this Damian stooge did. I don't know why you are even considering Firetale as he is trying to swindle a legit bidder
I sent you an email, please get back to me
That's why I said it would be the fairest to start new, as because of Damian, I wasn't able to bid at all, as he locked everyone out that would have bid between 100 and 200. And please stop saying it would be me, as I could also say it was you, so your second highest bid of 91 can't be overbid, unless someone really would be ready to pay more than double than what you might have been ready to pay
But because the artist doesn't want start it over, which is why I mentioned it from the beginning, and it's not the first time I mentioned such abuse, a silent auction might be the best. Tell him what you are ready to pay. If it's more than mine, you'll get it, if my bet was more, I'll get it. Because I've already send him my max bet
But because the artist doesn't want start it over, which is why I mentioned it from the beginning, and it's not the first time I mentioned such abuse, a silent auction might be the best. Tell him what you are ready to pay. If it's more than mine, you'll get it, if my bet was more, I'll get it. Because I've already send him my max bet
Dont worry Firetale, I will be reporting you and Damian, because this is beyond fucked up. You/Damian are trying to swindle people and I will not stand for it.
You are a scummy fucking person, you/Damian really fucking are.
If you have the feel there was a reason to report, then please do. You best reach the support over Discord. The admin CSharp can then look into my and Damians account to see for themself
hi i'm really sorry to say this but i need to bow out a family emergency just came up
Sorry, but i dont understand what you mean :0
sorry about i mean can you delete my last bid i need the money to by a plan ticket
thank you now i'm off to Reno to get a flight to Chicago
Have a good trip! ^^
thanks i just hope it goes well
I hope you will be fine too ^^
guys, what's going on here :D
Either a missunderstanding, or a cheme to keep the price low for the second highest bid. Just ignore it. Give the winner the usual two days to respond, and if he doesn't, reupload the auction so normal bets can come in
If it were not for urgency in money, I would have done so, but I have two buyers. You and Wynter-Skye
I wrote the above sentence.
Damian did not answer, but he spoke here.

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