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Shade demonshy
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ANIMATION: Unspoken feelings
YCH animation

Hello! I'm Ailish and I specialize myself in vector based ( flash ) puppet animation. This time I used help of my friend Pingwinowa
( ych.commishes.c...ingwinowa/ ) :)
In this auction you bid for a 144 frames animation of characters you choose.
24FPS. Bouncy hair guaranteed!

- You get both characters ;)
- any PONY character you want. Cannon or OC. Male or Female in both slots.
- I can add wings/ horn/ necklace/ earrings/ simple accesories
- I can change the background (to simple gradient/changing colors or make no bcg at all for the transparent gif)
- Payment via paypal, up to 48 hours after the auction finished
- You will get the animation in any format you want - GIF, AVI, MP4 or others.
- I will discuss alot with you and ask for confirmation at every step :)

Feel free to ask questions.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Ailish's portfolio

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