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The Bat YCH
read the description please!

Don`t forget to click the zoom button to see the better quality of the picture!
Reviews: https://loot.commishes.com/user/profile/holyarso/


Bid tiers:
SB-15$: flat color fill, minor line changes
16-30$: full color, minor line changes
31-40$: full color
51$+: + simple rendering + background changes if needed
70$: AB; + full rendering + more blood version!


any gender;
any species;
body type must be close to the preview pic;
hybrids, horns, wings, hooves etc allowed;
changing gender and species (from your character already has) allowed;
you need to have payment done within 24h from the end of auction or you will be blacklisted! payment plan is only available if your bid is 50$+.


Credits: furaffinity.net/user/inkofneon/ [private lineart]

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