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Starting bid

YCH Asked for NO pickles
Your character here (Any species)

The example is a sketch, the final result it would be so much better!
It could be boy and girl, girl and girl, etc...

You can see my customers feedbacks at the link: https://loot.commishes.com/user/profile/vicemilk/

- SB+ clean sketch w/shadow
- 25+ clean sketch w/shadow colored
- 35+ lineart with flat colour
- 45+ full colour with a flat/sparkly bg
- 55+ full colour and bg complete
- 60+ full colour, bg and effects

- You can send me a note o write a comment containing
- Character ref (must be visual!) :
- You can change the expression and the text
-Any extra detail (optional)


- 100% payment first.
- Any species
- Any body type
- Payment within 48 hours after the auction ends
- Wip's of your commission will be sent by private message.
- I accept Paypal
- I can change the text
- No refund
- Extra details with a extra cost depends of the desing

Samples These are examples of finished art

Vicemilk's portfolio

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