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Starting bid

Human reference offer

Let me design your pony oc as a human!

The image shown here is an example of a finished product.

Starting bid: $30

-One full body human version of your pony. You can choose the pose or leave it to me.
-Two expression which you can choose or leave to me.

Min. Bid: $2

More than $60 > Buyer will receive two more expressions.
More than $80 > Buyer will receive one more full body picture.

-You will receive after the payment a sketch version of the design I came up with, for you to review it and make any changes you will like.
-You can give me adjebtives or even descriptions to work with, or leave everything to me.
-Payment via Paypal (USD) within 24 hours of end of auction. Failure to pay on time will allow the second highest bidder a chance to buy.
-I start working after payment.
-Any species.
-Any gender.
-Any character.
-Can add accesories of any kind.
-You can choose the color of the background.
-You can choose pose and expressions.
-You can add, for a added price, more details and expressions.

Samples These are examples of finished art

CanelaRosa's portfolio

Auction questions

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Got two quick questions, if you don't mind. One, think this is something you will be doing quite a bit more of? And two, do you prefer more simple OCs or would something kinda complex be doable? (Mostly thinking of using one of the two Oni Inu Custom OCs I have, if you happen to have seen those adopts before.) I can probably send a link or something to show you what I'm refering to as well if you want me to.
Hello there! I think I will continue doing this type of commission as long as someone is interested in them, I really love the challenge and find it really fun to work in the transformation. As for detailed Ocs, I have no problem at all, but I will probably charge a little more because of all the details, but I will tell you up front, before we start the commission.
Cool, thanks for the reply.

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