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Gryphon Adopt

SB: 1$

MI: 1$

AB2: $75 The character and a highlighted headshot

Auction rules:
- When you win an auction, Payment is due within 24 hours. If you fail to do this next highest bidder wins the auction, should this occur twice, you shall be blacklisted.
- I have these adopts uploaded to toyhouse, And would prefer transferrign them to you on there when bought! If you don't have a toyhouse, let me know when paying so i can provide you with a code to use to make -yourself- a toyhouse account. Find these adopts and more individually here: toyhou.se/Whiskeypurr/chara...…

- Always Credit Me as the designer of the adopts I made. Wherever applies, also credit the basemaker. In this case that will be Lepidosa
- Do not resell for more than you bought your adopt for, unless you added value in art.
- Adopts you buy from me may be used to make Public IMVU furs from.

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